Privacy Notice

Types of information

During visiting our website Globawise may collect information directly entered by you in contact us forms or through cookies, beacons and other trackers. You can manage the collection of cookies and withdraw your consent at any time. If you consented to cookie collection Globawise may process your personal data which include your IP, location, visited web pages on our web-site, and, if you filled “contact us form”, your name, email, phone and country and information in text of the message.
All personal data is collected and processed only for the following purposes:

  • to ensure stable operation of our web site;
  • to recognise you when you return to our website;
  • to monitor popularity of our publication and web-pages;
  • to provide you with relevant and personalised information on our web site and web sites of our partners;
  • to provide you more information about the content you previously reviewed and adjust the website to your interests;
  • to send you information about our products and services;
  • to provide you with valuable and important information related to our products and services.


Your personal data may be wholly or partially disclosed to the following third parties:

  • companies of the Globawise Group and affiliated companies;
  • our partners which may deliver relevant information to you through advertisement, publications and other materials;
  • email service provider if the data is transferred to us via email or “contact us” form;
  • service providers supplying and servicing our internal system for customer relation management;

Retention period

Information collected through cookies, beacons and other trackers is retained no longer than 6 months, however, based on collected information impersonalised and aggregated statistics can be created and processed.

Information entered and submitted by you through the forms on this website can be stored and retained for 12 months from the last contact date.