Legal Outsourcing? For Half the Price - Certainly!

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Duke university completed a study on the benefits of legal outsourcing. Before speaking about any benefits though, one must first cover the risks. In the legal area those risks, can be critical to a company, so legal , just as financial outsourcing must only be tried with a proven and tested ( not only by word-of-mouth ) partner.

Straight to the study - the numbers speak for themselves:

...outsourcing legal services can slash business costs by 44 per cent, the highest of any major outsourced service.

Ousourcing Is Not A Black Art - Deloitte

Outsourcing should not be viewed as a black box to offload poorly understood functions to. That is the conclusion of a report on the IT outsourcing practices in local counciles, compiled by Deliotte.

A summary of the report can be found here.

Their conclusion however is very much valid for enterprises too. Offshoring your IT functions just because they are not working well in-house just does not work.

A Tanked Labor Market Re-ignites the Offshoring Debate

The US labor market is currently experiencing the worst of the credit crunch and the ensuing recession. The dabte on offshoring is more current than ever for the American workers.

Infosys Sounds a Positive Note on BPO Outlook

Infosys, the leading Indian BPO and outsourcing provider, recently gave details for its business outlook at a Citigroup conference. The most optimistic appraisal from Mr. V. Balakrishnan, Infosys' CEO is that the price pressure on the IT and BPO industry has significantly eased since the worst of the credit crunch at the beginning of the year.

A modest prognosis for a 10% industry growth was also given. While far from the wild 20-30% year on year growth from 2004-2007, the latest figures suggest that the industry is on a path to recovery.

20% of UK IT activity - Outsourced

From a recent story in it becomes clear how closely bound the IT industry and the Offshoring model have become. Some number:

Over a third of IT departments in the UK have offshored more than half of their operations

79 per cent of the companies that opted for offshoring moved their IT functions to India, while 64 per cent of the 298 companies surveyed have shipped some of their IT set-up abroad.