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Booz Allen Hamilton


Booz Allen Hamilton is a Virginia based strategy and technology consulting firm. The company works with clients to deliver long-lasting results. The company's clients include governmental, companies and  institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen provides expertise and objectivity to find solutions to business problems.

The main domains the company provides services in are:



CSC  is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, runs three other major offices in Australia, Asia and Europe. The company employs 92,000 professionals serve clients in more than 90 countries.

CSC have develops technology-enabled solutions to solve business challenges. For more than five decades CDC has focused on how to use technology change and innovation to deliver value to businesses.

Ousourcing Is Not A Black Art - Deloitte

Outsourcing should not be viewed as a black box to offload poorly understood functions to. That is the conclusion of a report on the IT outsourcing practices in local counciles, compiled by Deliotte.

A summary of the report can be found here.

Their conclusion however is very much valid for enterprises too. Offshoring your IT functions just because they are not working well in-house just does not work.

Bain & Company


Bain & Company is a consulting firm with headquarters in Boston, MA. Bain provides management consultancy to businesses and multinationals and focuses on rapid growth.
The company employes 3500 cunsultants that service 4,150 clients worldwide.

With over 3,500 Bain consultants worldwide, we measure our success by our clients' results.


Headquartered in Germany, SAP is one of the largest providers of business software. The company employs more than 4000 developers.

SAP offers ERP applications and services that enable companies of all sizes across more than

26 industries to become best-run businesses. SAP boats than 92,000 customers in over 120 countries. 

SAP is on the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE, under the symbol "SAP."

The main areas the company operates in and their revenue shares are:



Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is a Swiss Verein - an union of independent companies, that provides global accounting, auditing and business consulting services.

Deliotte's clients span a wide range of industries: 

McKinsey & Company

Mckinsey & Co logo.jpg

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting company, whose clients include many of the most influential organization and institutions worldwide. The company's expertise has a broad reach across industries. It is focused on providing advice to the senior management regarding the strategic, operational and organizational needs of clients.

McKinsey & Company has a broad netowrk of offices all over the world - North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


A Tanked Labor Market Re-ignites the Offshoring Debate

The US labor market is currently experiencing the worst of the credit crunch and the ensuing recession. The dabte on offshoring is more current than ever for the American workers.

Infosys Sounds a Positive Note on BPO Outlook

Infosys, the leading Indian BPO and outsourcing provider, recently gave details for its business outlook at a Citigroup conference. The most optimistic appraisal from Mr. V. Balakrishnan, Infosys' CEO is that the price pressure on the IT and BPO industry has significantly eased since the worst of the credit crunch at the beginning of the year.

A modest prognosis for a 10% industry growth was also given. While far from the wild 20-30% year on year growth from 2004-2007, the latest figures suggest that the industry is on a path to recovery.

HP - Business & IT Services

HP is a leading global provider of  technology support, consulting and outsourcing services.

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