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Questers Group offers a solution for growing companies that wish to access expert resources
whilst retaining control and flexibility over staff. A simple, effective and low-risk, co-managed 'As One' approach is the 21st Century alternative to outsourcing, giving clients full control of staff, complete visibility of costs and real flexibility.

A Tanked Labor Market Re-ignites the Offshoring Debate

The US labor market is currently experiencing the worst of the credit crunch and the ensuing recession. The dabte on offshoring is more current than ever for the American workers.

20% of UK IT activity - Outsourced

From a recent story in it becomes clear how closely bound the IT industry and the Offshoring model have become. Some number:

Over a third of IT departments in the UK have offshored more than half of their operations

79 per cent of the companies that opted for offshoring moved their IT functions to India, while 64 per cent of the 298 companies surveyed have shipped some of their IT set-up abroad.



Accenture is a global management consultancy, technology and outsourcing company. One of Fortune 500, Accenture is reportedly the largest consultancy in the world. It employs 182 000 people in 56 countries.

The products offering of Accenture are as follows:

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