Legal Outsourcing? For Half the Price - Certainly!

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Duke university completed a study on the benefits of legal outsourcing. Before speaking about any benefits though, one must first cover the risks. In the legal area those risks, can be critical to a company, so legal , just as financial outsourcing must only be tried with a proven and tested ( not only by word-of-mouth ) partner.

Straight to the study - the numbers speak for themselves:

...outsourcing legal services can slash business costs by 44 per cent, the highest of any major outsourced service.

Outsourcing finance and accounting work, by contrast, saves 35 per cent while an outsourced call centre can save around 37 per cent.

PwC also sees a double driving force for oursourcing in the recession - for many companies, cutting fat external consultants' paychecks, may just save their balance sheet, while additionally, people are more willing to try new ideas when things get tough.

Outsourcing has by now turned into an almost dirty word for dirty boring tasks, that just take up too much of the managerial time and resource to support - however, it's becoming clear to more and more business that it's not that at all. Rather it's a way for businesses to take advantage of the global services marketplace and build a 21 century supply and support chain.