A Tanked Labor Market Re-ignites the Offshoring Debate

The US labor market is currently experiencing the worst of the credit crunch and the ensuing recession. The dabte on offshoring is more current than ever for the American workers.

Yet a recent discussion on eweek.com shows that their views are far from unanimous and furthermore that they tend to accept offshoring not as much as a necessary evil , but as a natural part of the business process.

American workers, just as working people anywhere are primarily concerned with the well-being of their families and the securities of their jobs. Yet most professionals nowadays realise that the pitcing of  good employment practices at home and a socially responsible company against outsourcing, branded as a "sweatshop" activity is a false one.

As one eweek.com reader puts it :

"While Globalization and Free Trade are here to stay - along with the potential to outsource Call Center functions to offshore, low-labor cost locations such as India - I think it's important to consider the difference between "Fair Trade" and "Free Trade"."

In the modern business envornment companies are free, and compelled by realities to offshore whenever appropriate. It is a matter for companies however to develop the good practices that would accommodate it with socially responsible behavior at home/