Offshoring Still Holds a Big Role in Turning the Economy

The economic crisis, now in truly global proportions presents a challenge for every business. Offshoring and near-shoring operations are bound to come under renewed pressure as unemployment in the economic powerhouses of the US and Europe grows.


The prospect of a recession in offshoring and global business consulting however is far from clear. Furthermore, it may be that global leverage and the unique flexibility that modern BPO processes give may give a surviving edge to companies.


Crisis plus Protectionism - A Very Real Threat of a Global Depression

With the global economic crisis very real and very much in it's high now, a lot of countries are looking for quick fix solutions to their economies. One which is both easy to apply and popular with almost everyone but a businessmen and a handful of economists is protectionism .

Satyam Crisis and the Impact on Outsourcing

The Satyam crisis - the revelation of cooked books and false profit reporting by a handful of managers in a leading Indian BPO company - may mean a lot in terms of changes to accounting and modes of operation for Indian corporations. However, it is not completely clear whether and how it will affect the global BPO market as a whole.


Big Names Move Closer to Home

IBM, which recently shone as one of the very few good news in the Q4 2008 profit reporting, has reportedly chosen the United States, for its next delivery center. So has Boeing.
Brian Schwarz from seekingaalpha thinks this may be a trend for companies, trying to minimize political as well as cross-border risk. There is also expectation that the economic crisis will mean lower costs. Whether this trend will grow and whether there will be an overall reversal in the offshoring and outsourving growth is yet to be seen.

The Risks for Global Business from the Financial Crisis

A story from a faculty member of the "International Institute for Management Development". Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann explores the history and the risks to global trade posed by the recent financial crisis and recessions in the leading world economies.